Sunday, November 20, 2011

Founder's Day

Ink and watercolor in large moleskine

Founders Day in Satellite Beach, a small town in central Florida.
The Rockies play I-Don't-Know-Who.
My nephew Jake has two runs!
Go Rockies!

I have a wonderful view.  Aside from watching Jake, I can plainly see the spectators for the other team.  They do not look well.  They look rather bored. There is no jumping around.  Hardly any movement at all.

Good for me.

Did I mention that in addition to my nephew Jake playing for the Rockies, my brother Neil coaches them?


Go Rockies!

It's fortunate that this was the off season.  This means, of course, that no one was following the score.  Luckily then, none of the spectators knew that it was 14 for the Rockies and 2 for I-Don't-Know-Who when they called the game.  This means that the spectators that I drew above had no idea that the game was halted prematurely at only 4 innings so it wouldn't be a total slaughter/bloodbath/massacre.  This means that when the poor spectators above took their young players on I-Don't-Know-Who home, they didn't have to call the kids' therapists.  This saved them thousands of dollars.

Did I say, Go Rockies?!  Yeah, I think so.  Yeah!

It was a delightful day in Satellite Beach on the day I drew this picture.  It was small town America in the place where I grew up.  There was the Founder's Day parade with the mayor, the high school band, floats, the Army, the Navy, cheerleaders, and such, and most notably, the baton troupe with my niece Ashley tossing her baton into the air with style!  Whoosh!

Happy Birthday Ashley and Jake, 11 years old!

Ink and watercolor in small moleskine

Just the day before Founder's Day, there was great food and greater fun at the special education homecoming dance - Pirates of the Caribbean Theme - for my son Matthew's high school.  Glorious happy spontaneous dancing - partners completely optional!  And in celebration of this freedom, I whipped out my small moleskine and tried to capture the mood as best I could in a quick sketch.  Not my best sketch ever, but I wanted to color and post it just the same.  So there!

So go Rockies!  Go Cobras!  And Boo Hoo to I-Don't-Know-Who, but you know who you are, I am sure that you do. Don't you?