Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hello out there..

Hi folks (if anyone is still out there)!  It's been a long time - I know.  No excuses.

Well, a few.

One of them is I've been working awfully hard at the day job - long, rewarding and challenging hours.  That plus other things means that generally I have had no time or energy to craft the kind of post that this Blog was used to.

So if you remember me and you are still here to drop in, I've started posting at Instagram.  It's easier. I just photograph the art with a sentence or two from my phone.  Of course I need the time to make the art.  Sigh.

If you were here for the writing, sorry, no time for that, for now.  Except at this very moment.

So here's a poem I wrote recently (makes reference to the day job and that is how all-consuming it all is.  And, spoiler, the job is not art-related).


Not artist.  Not lawyer.
Not husband, not father or son.
Not writer or poet.
Not the skin, not the bones,
Not the guts in between.
What is there left when all is removed?
Maybe that is me..
Or perhaps it is not.

So if, like me, you now hang out at Instagram, I am @danhkent or

I am excited and a little lost with all of the talent and creativity I am finding there.  Which is a good thing.  It is stirring the pot, which has been tepid for quite a while.  And that's a good thing.