Saturday, May 30, 2009

EDM #67 Draw something Mom

4-1/4" x 4-1/4" ink on sketchbook paper, using Castell TG technical pen, size 2 nib, with Radiograph ink.

I drew this from a beautiful photograph I found here. I am the father of two boys. We didn't cut either of my son's hair for quite some time, so both had curls at this age. Although the original photo was of a little girl, I think the child in my drawing looks more like a boy, and the picture brings back memories of my sons at that age.

I originally intended to draw the whole image and add color with watercolor but then realized that I had accidentally drawn on 60 lb. paper (from a pad that alternates 60 lb. with 140 lb. paper) which is too light for the watercolor. So I expect to revisit this image again. In the meantime, this picture meets Everyday Matters challenge number 67, Draw Something Mom.

This photograph is from Morguefile, which I recently found. The site appears to be a great resource for free photography that can be adapted for creative use without copyright concerns.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

EDM #225 Draw Something Sticky

4" x 6" watercolor and ink on 140 lb. cold press paper.

Sometimes you want to paint a masterpiece. Sometimes you just want to draw something sticky. Thank you Everyday Matters - I never would have thought of it.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Valued Art and Artists

Janey of Janeys Journey is preparing her zine of fabulous poultry. Since she seems to have otherwise foresaken her birds altogether in favor of her beasties, I thought it would be a good time to post this beautiful post card she sent me of the Orpington breed that won the grand prize at the 1886 Crystal Palace Poulty Show.

Needless to say, I value this small piece of art. Janey's creative, whimsical drawings with their economical lines and bright colors always make me happy. I was going to frame the Orpington bird and hang it on the wall, but then decided that the desk frame you see here would allow me to have it on my desk at work where I could enjoy it all day.

In the picture above, I tried my own breeding program with the rooster lamp. It didn't work. I'm thinking now - maybe they are both roosters? I think so - my mistake - sorry guys.

Finally, Raena of Raena's Sketch Journal has stepped out of her comfort zone, and sketched in public. She deserves an award, and here it is. Congratulations Raena!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Calisthenics in the Park

I try to at least sketch from life a little bit every day. Although some sketches are good and some sketches are horrid, it's okay either way. For me, it's calisthenics. I figure that each time I sketch I am getting just a bit better at observing, or depicting what I observe. I also hope that I am developing "muscle memory", and that my hand just might move the right way next time.

As you have seen if you have followed my blog, a lot of my sketches are done at eating establishments, but sometimes I sketch parked in my car beside a small neighborhood park.

The pencil drawing above and the conte' pencil drawing below were drawn in my Moleskine on different days. [The first meets Everyday Matters Challenge #214 "Draw something representing a favorite hobby" because I love to read.]

I think it is interesting how differently they came out even though the subject matter is similar.

Other quick sketches in my Moleskine at the park include this small sketch in pen (while not quite horrid, this one leaves a bit to be desired):

And this sketch using a watercolor pencil (she left before I could add more detail, but I like it).

All in all, sketching is just another day at the park, don't you think?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

About Face

At her unique and wonderful blog, Artists Paint Themselves, Deborah Ross states: "Artists spend a lot of time painting other people and places, but what happens when an artist paints him/herself? I thought it would be fun to invite other artists to post their own self portraits."

What a great idea. The blog is wonderful, the paintings are varied and creative. Links are included so you can see other works of artists you like. I'd strongly recommend a visit.

I am especially grateful to Deb for posting my self-portrait today on her blog. I am honored that my effort is included with so many beautiful paintings, and among works by artists far more experienced than myself.

Just so you know, my mother says that I am better looking than my self-portrait shows. Thanks, mom. My brother-in-law takes this a bit further. He says that in the painting I look like a serial killer. That, I suppose, is an apt description of the intense gaze of a guy trying to paint himself in the mirror. Next time, I'll just have to paint my lighter side..

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Something Old, Something New (EDM #136)

When I have sketched, I have mostly used either pencil or pen with water-soluble ink. The result has been that I have not been able to combine color with line. The other day I pulled my father's technical pen set out of a drawer. I would guess conservatively that the set is 30 years old. I suspect it is older than that. It is a Castell TG technical pen set, and contains 9 pens with nibs of different sizes - largely unused. How would they work? I bought some Rapidograph waterproof ink for $5 and filled a pen with a size 2.5 nib. The ink flowed very smoothly.

So at my in-law's house I drew a straggly plant in an interesting pot. I was not so careful as I usually am. So what if the drawing were to be a bit skewed? This was just an experiment. Then I brushed on the watercolor. Color and line - something new (for me) - and it worked just fine.

Well, my mother-in-law liked the drawing so much that she wanted to keep it. It became a part of her mother's day gift and this small 4" x 6" drawing is now hanging in her house, warts-and-all, next to the plant itself. So maybe you'll like it too, as imprecise as it is. It also happens to satisfy Everyday Matters challenge #136 - "Draw or paint something that's alive - a living thing - animal or plant." And this plant, though straggly, qualifies as alive.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

In a Hotel - EDM Challenge #56 Self Portrait

11" x 13-1/4" watercolor on 140 lb. cold press paper.

Holed up in a Virginia hotel for three-plus hours. Watercolors in hand. I look around. Nothing interesting to paint. But, wait - there's a table in front of a mirror, there's a lamp to one side, and when I look straight ahead ..

Three-plus hours later, and I have completed my first Everyday Matters challenge, number 56, a self-portrait. Life is good.