Monday, September 8, 2014

. .

I am working right now on three separate paintings, maybe four, depending upon how you count. Two are representational and very detailed.  So I needed a break.

A comic - just the thing!  A quick diversion.  And I'll try it in ink and watercolor this time, I thought, since the last was in black and white.

Dots!  How long could it take?

Well ignoring the quick story board which was dashed out in a flash, there was the measuring and drawing of the boxes; and then the writing and drawing itself  (I used mathematical calculations - yes math - to get the approximate proportions right because I liked my little storyboard so much). The drawing involved measuring to get the circles to be in about the same place for each frame and then eyeballing the sky to get the stars in approximately the same place in each frame.  Then there was inking and applying the masking fluid for the stars.  Then the watercolor, wet-on-wet on the top half, and drybrush over a wash in the lower half.  Finally, a touch of really awkward Photoshop-ing here and there for where that marvelously flowing watercolor went out of the lines.

Whew!  I figure about six hours.  Six!

Yup.  Call me speedy.

So, go Pamo!  (If you don't know what I'm talking about, see Pamo's twice-weekly strip here.  She's a pro.)  Me, I'm returning to painting to get a break!