Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Screws in Space

Everyday Matters Challenge No. 226 -
Draw a Screw.

Screws falling. Better.

Screws plummeting into Earth's atmosphere from outer space. That's it!

Screwy, I know. But Fun.

This drawing is based in part on a great photograph, "Floating Screws", taken by Alceu Bap and found here.

ink, watercolor pencil, and yellow highlighter on small Moleskine page


  1. Awsome concept,It's minds like that make people famous.Your color is realy Good.

  2. Hehe, very cool! Maybe they fell out of an alien spaceship :)

  3. wow - plummeting to earth ! This certainly makes screws very interesting

  4. Superb concept! And the way you make normal things a lot more exciting surely display how creative you are! :) Thanks for the entertainment!

  5. This is brilliant! In the first week of my year on foundation art and design we had to draw an object and make it into a pattern and I got screws. It taught me that the most boring of objects can be the most fun to create..I went mad with ink and willow sticks, bleach on tissue paper, printing and all sorts of other stuff. I have totally loved studying art and cant wait to start my new course in september. I'd totally recommend the experiance to teaches you to look at thing and approach stuff in a totally new way. :D Keep up the amazing work. I'll be back.