Saturday, January 29, 2011

X's and O's

Pam Huggins aka PAMO and I are doing a pictorial tic-tac-toe game. I am "X" and she is "O". The idea is to counter each other's moves and do a semi-coherent complete comic from first square to last at the same time! I have posted the last square (bottom right) above. It was great fun to draw PAMO!! I had to do the last square or Pamo would have won!

Pam has brilliantly summed up our collaboration - in cartoon- at her blog here. (If you haven't seen her cartoon on what we have done, you have got to go there - it is great fun!)

Other moves in our tic-tac-toe game are in posts here, here and here. Hmmm, looks like Pamo hasn't posted all of her squares - but we will have the whole tic-tac-toe board online for you to see if we ever finish!

Well it's been a long day, I'm tired and have little to say. So I leave you with this thought:

Life is like tic-tac-toe:
A bit of a puzzle,
A bit of a game,
And if often we can't get ahead,
We usually don't get too behind either.
And the most important thing
Beyond all else,
Are the x's and o's.
Don't you think?

(Yes, I always wax poetic when I'm tired.)


  1. Oh this is so much fun! I didn't "get it" at I understand that there is an x in your drawing and an o in PAMO's. Very clever! You emulated her style perfectly--PAMO is a sweet "doctor" and you are a dear "patient"!

  2. I LOVE it!! You guys are so clever, to go along with very creative and talented!!

  3. Superb cartoon Dan! Funny and clever! I can see there are some nuances to this cartoon game. Don't the bird, sandwich and apple show up in multiple cartoons? Thanks Celeste for pointing out the x and o; I would have been slow to pick that up. This is fun watching you two play tic-tac-toe (great poem too)

  4. Love the poem Dan! So true. XOXOXO I'm working on my next move RIGHT NOW. Well, not RIGHT NOW because RIGHT NOW, I'm taking a break and looking at my favorite blog (that's your blog, in case that wasn't clear). Where was I?
    The apple! I can't forget the apple!
    I love this frame you drew Dan- it is so well thought out and cohesive. You always do the best shading and composition and it's been great to follow your lead to try and work those elements into my frames. One of which I'm working on RIGHT NOW! Well, not RIGHT NOW....

  5. you two are so funny! I am so glad I have found blogs that make me laugh and I have discovered a new love of cartoons. Dan, I am actually appreciating the accuracy required in drawing linear too.

  6. Dan - apart from the poem great post :D

    Celeste - I'm so pleased you pointed out the X here, I so haven't understood this til now.

    Pamo - sorry for the misunderstanding... I'll head back and relook at your last move.

  7. Love the poem. You should be tired more often then perhaps! Cute cartoon.

  8. The poem is great! And I think the drawing is so clever =)
    Nice touch Dan, just like always

  9. You guys... Dan and Pamo... great stuff... really... you are both so creative, with wonderful humor and zest for life. Can't wait to see the whole board. You do know that tic-tac-toe played by two experienced players ALWAYs end in a tie. :-) Learned that on that old movie 'War Games'.. a classic now but still fun gaming theory... akkk I'm being a geek aren't I? Carry on... these are not the droids you are looking for....

  10. This collaboration is cracking me up. You both are so clever on so many levels. Kudos to Celeste for clueing us in... Now we're all onto you two.

    Your poem is as clever and fun as your cartoon. I agree with Freebird, maybe you should stay tired.


  11. That is fun! You did a great rendition of PAMO too! Can't wait to see the rest of the game.

  12. Hi Dan..I always enjoy popping into your world to see what you are up to.....this is a super brilliant collaboration and so fun spirited..awesome!
    Have a sparkling week!

  13. I'm anxious to see the board online. Great work.

  14. Oh you're a poet too. I can't take any more!!!!! Seriously, this is great! And funny! Usually a smile is all I can get out of cartoons, but this is great! Way to go PAMO and Dan!!! Great jobs, both of you!

  15. It took me a while to get it, but thats too funny (the light came on in my head, finally). Your both styles work really well with each others, looks like fun.
    You two work well together, cant wait to see what you two will come up with next : )
    Love it!!!

  16. I absolutely CANNOT wait, except I guess I have to, to see this all together, in order. This is going to be awesome! This is a very creative page! I am curious about the bird. I figured the dog was one of Pamo's; is the bird representing your pet? Does it have some significance? Sign of good art, that I am wanting to know!