Friday, October 7, 2011

Watercolor Soda Pop

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The above experiment in watercolor is from my small moleskine.  At first my intention was for the page to be soft and monochromatic, but it turned out nothing like I expected. One reason I love to paint - surprises are wonderful.  I like the perspective, the drawing and painting of just the upper part of a room, intriguing enough that I will probably do this again someday.

Here is my latest revelation:  a good watercolor is like a soda, although a soda is easy to come by and a quality watercolor is rare.  But they share the same ingredients.

Examining, then the label of a soda:

Carbonated Water - Well, we have water, of course, and bubbles - magical things bubbles aren't they?
Potassium citrate - I have no idea what that is.
Potassium benzoate - No clue.
Acesulfame potassium - We are going from bad to worse. 
Artificial color - Now that I understand!

So there is water and there is color and all these indefinable somethings that make it great. Then magic floats to the surface!


On another page of my moleskine, there are three ladies drawn in public on three separate occasions.  Now they are together forever in an unending conversation.  For me, though, the word well is a bit dry today.  So I think I'll just have a soda.
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  1. Your perspective is unique--no doubt. Your use of color is what makes this watercolor (soda) pop. I like it. It has a seventies feel to it? This is a keeper--not in a pile, but matted and framed and hung in this room.

  2. It's an unusual perspective but it works. The ladies look interested in the conversation so that's alright!

  3. I like the colors that you used and they really make the painting work! The unexpected blue in the corner is perfect. In fact, you have a knack for putting unexpected elements together that end up looking like they belong, like the sketch of the ladies. Fun stuff!

  4. I wonder how you like the tiny moleskine sketchbook. I like it so far... can't say much as I only started a coupla pages.
    Sodas huh... hmmm... I am starting to see how people are so addicted to these bubbly drinks.
    Nice sketches Dan, and thanks for your comments!(No I am not at all by any means an expert in dogs or anything... not by far ^^)

  5. Love the colours and the mood .. and the fact that is surprised even you!

  6. Ok, I read this, in its entirety, then went to the Dan-Raena site and commented there first, and now I'm back to comment here. Did I do it right?

    Locked in conversation forever. Nice.

    I like the upper half of the room. Your interiors remind me of Van Gogh's... he he'd lived long enough to paint Exit signs =)

  7. Oh I love the (never happened) conversation. Beautifully drawn. Where I was brought up (Yorkshire, England), what you call soda, we called pop.
    Your work is much better than Pop Art!

  8. You did manage to make the most of water and warm colours here!

  9. ....the ceilingish painting makes me think of a brothel. Must be all the red.. There was a brothel in our small town where I grew up and I knew the girl who lived there. My mother wouldn't let me visit her. Oh..that is the great thing about paintings and drinking something all lends itself to an exchange of your immortalized ladies.

  10. This is great, focusing on the area most would either over look or not ever notice in a cafe, love the colours and I have to ask, did you do dry brushing? Interesting take with the soda pop and so true, I have no clue what in those things... Great paintings Dan!!!

    Mari from Colourblob
    (have to post like this, other ways wont work)

  11. My took me a while to get to this, we've had unexpected company. But, I had read your headline before having to shutdown my computer. Imagine how that stayed in my could soda possibly be like watercolor??!! This was a great surprise! Wonderful and unusual viewpoint and I love the women locked into conversation with people they've never even met!

  12. So different from so many pictures of rooms isn't it? Hmmm, must be the angle, lol. Love the colors and it's a fun take on doing a room. Love the soda analogy but those chemicals? Maybe that's why my paintings don't come out as well as I'd like them too!

  13. I love this post! The three ladies, so beautifully "tied together" and the wonderfully abstracted sketch of the room. All those beautiful, warm, related colors!! Very special, indeed!! Now off to see what you and Raena are up to!!!

  14. I think you've had too many of those strange igredients - v wierd post today.

  15. I love the light coming from the various light sources. And the colours are some of my favourite combinations. Love what you had to say too. It's always a pleasure to spend a few moments inside your head.

  16. Ooh...I love that first watercolor! Exciting perspective and use of watercolor! I'm heading over to that other blog... But seriously, thank you so much for visiting my blog!!

  17. Hi Dan, Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog, it means a lot to me. I love your writing, it funny, fresh and so enjoyable to read. Your mind must be racing the whole time. Your latest sketches are sooooo good :))))))))))))....I think I might be a 'danscanvas' groupie now! :)))))))))))
    I noticed the Autism ribbon on the side. My little grandson has recently been diagnosed with autism and his younger bro is being assessed soon. It's hard work but they are so lovable & loving.

  18. This has an undefineable but wonderful atmosphere. Seems like something from the fortirs...seems like something mysterious is happening just out of view. Love the "locked" ladies too. Odd post from "editor of another blog". anyway, great work, Dan!

  19. I love this painting, the colors are awesome and the perspective really works. Great job on the portraits, too. This is the third time I try to leave the same comment and my computer bugs .. this one is shorter, sorry!

  20. Yup, this was an odd little post. Sorry, and Thank you. I want you to truly appreciate the good posts. ;) Thank you for all of your visits, and comments.

    Thank you LW. I thought it was a goner for a while.

    Alex - all I ever painted in for a long, long while were the small moleskines. And I loved them for a long time, and I still carry one with me. But I have a craving to get bigger (which still isn't too big).

    Celeste - thanks for the interesting tale!

    Mari - wet and then dry and then wet and then dry - it's all a mishmash. I now do whatever works at the time.

    Raena - Thank you! Every "writer" likes to know he had a good cliffhanger!

    Sue - yes it is weird! I sometimes write where my mood takes me..better luck next time!

    Ruca - When I am in your head all I ever see are dog biscuits. Why is that, anyway?

    Clare - My first groupie! Yippee! My youngest son, Matthew, age 15 (almost 16) is autistic. And you are right. He is lovable and loving, and has me wrapped around his little finger. He is the center of my life.

    Ellen - Love your description, thanks!

    kazumiwannabe - Thank you for your persistence - worth it on this end!

  21. "but it turned out nothing like I expected."
    Sounds kiiiiind of like my approach to drawing/painting. I figured that's what it's supposed to be like (please don't tell me otherwise).

    Also, I might steal the idea of only painting the top of a room. At least if my somebody ever asks me to draw *my* room. For purely artistic reasons, of course... *cough*

    I really like your lady chat too.Socializing ftw!

    I could tell you more about the potassium salts and acesulfame and so on but let's just pretend you never asked and enjoy that soda :)

    Thanks for being awesome and making me laugh every single time I come here! <3