Sunday, July 19, 2009

Line 'Em Up

Here is a sketch I did in ink at Chipotle Grill of people in line. I colored the drawing at home with watercolors:

I've drawn quite a few people this last week in both of my Moleskines.

I am using one Moleskine for watercolor sketches. At this stage I am learning something each time and the results are inconsistent. This week the pictures were drawn on site, and colored at home.

Here is man at Einstein Bagles:

And a floating head from Chipotle Grill:

In my other Moleskine I am using mostly ink, some pencil, and some watercolor pencil. I am thinking of using acrylics to see what happens. I see all of the creative things people do with Moleskines, and am thinking I will try to incorporate what I've seen into future efforts. For now though, I've mostly done sketches.

Here are some people I found on tv and quickly drew (no camera stays too long on any one person on tv).

And here is one of the pharmacists at my neighboring pharmacy. I drew this while I was waiting at the drive-in window. My wife had seen my drawing and was barely able to keep a straight face the next time she saw him:

So they line up for me and I line 'em up for you with my own lines and color.

As James Taylor says:

"Yeah, big moon landing,
People all standing up,
Smiles for the loved ones,
They go walking on down the aisles.
Each re-engages, stepping into the sun,
I watch them turn like pages
One by one by one."


  1. The expressions of those people are just so well captured and shown. That's something that will take me years to accomplish.
    Thanks Dan for all your kind comments on my drawings.

  2. I am so awed by your composition of thegroup - the people in line. Folks don't hold still long enough for me to take in more than one aspect at a time...besides, I'm compositionally challenged - you know, little things like proportion, angles, etc. Congratulations on your ability to capture so much, both the physical and the personality, on the spot.

  3. These are a lot of fun, Dan. I also love the group composition - beautifully observed.

  4. These are great candid sketches. Don't you find that the more you do, the more comfortable it is, i.e. they can move and usually come back to the same angle again just long enough?

  5. These are terrific, Dan! You've captured so much in the first one, which is amazing because I know those people were shifting on you. And the guy at Einstein Bagles, he's perfect; I love the way you've loosely applied the watercolor. Great post. You're always so funny.

  6. Great stuff, Dan. I like the queue but most of all I love the bottom little sketch.

  7. My, you've been busy! Great job!

  8. Wow, these are all terrific sketches.

  9. These drawings are amazing. I espcially like the man at Einstein Bagles.

  10. Thank you all so much! I am so very complemented since you all have been doing such wonderful work on your own blogs lately. Shirley, to answer your question: Comfortable is not quite the word I would use yet, but I am enjoying the challenge. And to Sarah and Raena: I misspelled "bagel" - thanks for trusting me! :)

  11. hey dan - thanks for the complements on my work - i love your observations as well! best people are waiting in lines, no? that and asleep on table tops to tired to eat. ah, the chipotle life. keep it up!