Monday, July 27, 2009

Can I Write Haiku or Can I Write Haiku? Can You?

I don't believe it! I entered Diahn Ott's giveaway at Art by Diahn. She was giving away two of her beautiful paintings - one of a snowy egret and the other of a sparrow (above). The tricky part about the sparrow painting was that you had to write a Haiku. Diahn even provided a how-to lesson. Her (discriminating and obviously very artistic and talented) boys chose the winner. And I won!! Thank you Diahn - it was fun - and thank you Derek and Joshua! (They have a blog too here.) But they must be careful - they are stroking my writer's ego.

Anyway, my Haiku was about the Snowy Egret. You can see a stunning photo of a snowy egret here. The Haiku:

Royal stroll, alone,
Snowy steps of sun on sand,
Crown of white tendrils.


  1. I am happy that you won Dan ^^ And it's a pretty piece, and you're just so lucky :)
    Haiku is COOL!

  2. You made me laugh out laugh as soon as I saw your comments. :) Sorry for dropping by without an early notice, but I am here to get married ^^ and yeah it's really heavy stuff.
    Thank you for your words, and yeah the horse looks not too pleased when the picture was taken, but I really like his hair ^^ and I am glad you like it. I was kinda nervous when I was doing it because I needed to pack and I always get nervous before flying, so I might have rushed a little. Thanks again Dan, and one of these days(when I am permanently here) I am going to come to Miami and visit you alright? :) I promise I'll let you know before I decide to drop by.

  3. Thank you joyful! Alex: So its the wedding! Congratulations! You've got to cheer up that post a little, boy, and stop being so nervous. Enjoy the ride! I'd certainly be pleased to give you and your bride-to-be the Miami grand tour! :)

  4. Hahaha, well things are looking alright. I am starting to accept the fact that I need to quit my job(which I love) before I could get here anyway, so that's alright. Thanks again Dan for your encouragement, I really do need to relax a little, but holy crap... weather in Louisiana is just SO HOT -____-;;