Thursday, August 27, 2009

Falafel, Shawarma, and Other Three-Syllabled Mediterranean Words

On Saturdays I often go to Davie, Florida, a bastion of Southern Pride, complete with cowboys, good ole' boys, horses, and rodeos. But when I go there, I eat at Fala Falafel, a Mediterranean fast food place. Why is it there? Who knows? There are no camels in Davie as far as I know.

The walls there are bright orange on one side and lime green on the other, and somehow it is all good - fashionable and comfortable. This is probably due in large part to how delicious and fresh the food is and how enormously friendly the staff and the owner. When I go, I eat the shawarmas. Why have anything else? But they serve other Mediterranean stuff too. And for the Rhinestone Cowboys, they serve Smoothies.

Because many are not familiar with all those Mediterranean words, a sign is posted on the wall entitled "How to Order". I love this. Ordering is a bit of a challenge for some but the staff is very helpful and friendly about the whole thing, and I can attest that it is well worth the effort. This worked for me once too on an entirely different level because one day I was able to sketch a girl brooding over the menu; it took her quite a while to decide. I could have told her had she asked..the shawarma, the shawarma.

So hello to Brandon and Brandon's girlfriend (darned if I haven't forgotten your name), both of whom work there! Brandon has shown quite a bit of interest in my sketches and has even visited this blog - one of the select few. So Brandon, this post is for you.


  1. But how DO you order? :) Sounds delightful! I love falafel... I have never had shawarma. great sketch!

  2. Great sketch - love those orange walls! And I've never ordered falafel or shawarma...I've got to get out more!

  3. Dan, I like this image and my hat is off to you for getting her down on paper while she was in line... i know, i know, she took a while, but it's still an accomplishment.
    Well. done.

  4. Great drawing and I love all the detail! ancy

  5. Great job Dan! I really like the colors!

    Oh, and your last comment made me laugh...hadn't realized it, but yes, I actually did look a bit like that when I was little!! ...only I would never have been caught in a dress...I was a little tomboy!!

  6. Great drawing here :)
    Oh I love Shawarma and Falafel..
    Let me catch some company and hit a Mediterranean joint for my lunch!!

  7. Wonderful drawing and post! Now I'm hungry. I should look in my Mediterranean cookbook more often.

  8. I haven't had a shawarma since visiting Israel and now you've got me wanting one. I will have to look up a Med. restaurant in the yellow pages. The sketch is really neat.

  9. Things have been real crazy around here, so sorry for the delay in responding - but I really, really appreciate all your positive comments! Thanks! :) And..Spinneretta - try a shawarma; Diahn - get out of the house!

  10. You go all the way to Davie for a falafel? Must be a darn good one. I really like that glass case with the bottles.

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