Thursday, August 6, 2009

What Has One Body, Three Heads and No Feet? Answer: This Post!

The gal on the left walked away from Einstein's Bagels before I could draw her feet. There's some irony in that, isn't there?

The two floating heads on the right (from Chipotle Grill) are in my other Moleskine. The paper in that other Moleskine doesn't accept watercolors which is fine with me, since occasionally I just want to be free! Trying to find the ideal balance between detail in the ink drawing and the watercolor can be tiring, and this gives me a break from that struggle. (Not to mention the fact that I am still acquiring my watercolor chops.) At this point I am leaning towards more detail in the drawing - it doesn't seem to hurt the result.

Anyway, I carry both Moleskines around with me, often wearing my Lamy Safari (fountain pen) in my front pocket. I've become quite the art nerd, don't you think?

I have several small Moleskine works in process - none are finished yet. One I am particularly excited about (fingers are crossed). These will be posted in the weeks to come.

But today I leave you with these few small sketches and, as an art nerd, I feel I must provide a challenging word problem as well. Here it is:

Two floating heads plus one figure minus two feet, equals what exactly?

Er, you are good at math, aren't you?


  1. Hello Dan. Thanks for your nice words about my humble work. It made me feel welcomed! Your job is really good and I liked it very much! See you drawing aroud EDM.
    PS: don´t have answer to your challenge. Not me!

  2. These are great sketches - the faces on those 'floating heads' are full of character.

  3. Three heads are better than one? I don't know. These drawings are fantastic!

  4. Made me smile real big this post because it has a catchy title :)
    I'd like to do just that too, walking around with a Moleskine and a pen, I must say I still need to train myself hard to get rid of the fear of making mistakes. I always draw with pencils because I know that I could correct them later if I don't like the way it turns out... but yeah, I just need to get over that someday.
    It's a wonderful post, I've been a week here, another week to go and food in Louisiana is awesome ^^

  5. These sketches are great! Art nerds rule!

  6. I've started a new sketchbook just for people and or body parts etc. I like your idea of carrying the books with you for a quick sketch.

  7. I horrid at guessing games so thank goodness you solved the title in your post. Nice work on the skectches. Those 3/4 angle views, like the second head, are trixy and you caught it beautifully.

  8. Hi, Dan...this is the first time I've visited and I love your sketches! I'll be back often and the answer to the riddle is a three-headed, footless figure, of course.

    P.S. Thanks for your kind words over at my blog, I love to see visitors!

  9. Brilliant drawings as always. I totally love the one of the man looking down. It's truly brilliant. Thanks for your comment about my animations. I found it really difficult to do and my boyfriend just laughed at me when he watched them lol.

  10. Nice title.. I did a bit of guessing before I finally clicked to find out!! Lovely drawings too..