Monday, November 2, 2009

Sometimes You Just Want to Draw

Think watercolor, or
Ink and Watercolor.
Plans. Colors. Techniques.
Thinking. Creating. Calculating.
Glazes. Hazes. Transparency.
Loose hues. Tight mixes.
Rope that muse!
Hold tight - (s)he might get away!

Or sometimes you just want to draw.
Sometimes you want to attack the paper.
Sometimes you want to smuuuuuudge.
Sometimes you want to scrub, scrub, scrub.
Sometimes you just want to rub that paper.
Sometimes you want to dirty that hand.

Sometimes you want to grab the rough.
Grab the dusty conte' pencil.
Sometimes you want to do what you will.
Sometimes you just want to black, grey and white.
Sometimes you want to turn off the light.
To be color-blind and that's all right.

And I felt like that the other day.


  1. YOU are full of surprises, Dan! What lovely imagery in your poetry!! What lovely imagery in your IMAGE! And how cool to be able to list, under labels: "poetry!" Gooood stuff!!

  2. Good for you! Expanding, expressing, so many choices!

  3. Beautiful words Dan!:) And I like the sketch so much! It's somehow got the "rush" in it, almost saying "must get it done!" and usually that works really well on becoming an awesome piece of art ^^

  4. Beautiful poem...I love how it moves. It really captures your passion and gives those of us who don't sketch a feel for why you love it. And the sketch...I've always liked the simplicity of black, grey and white. Really like it!

  5. Hey, that's me everyday - or so it seems! Conte pencil WAS a medium of choice for me for a very long time - still black & white like my trusty ball point pen. Great drawing to accompany the poem!

  6. Glad to see you back, and as a poet too.!! A lot of strength in this sketch ; it's good to try "new" things.

  7. Great energy and verve! You expressed well the tactile aspect of being a 2-D artist.

  8. And what a great drawing it is too! Love the poem.

  9. I was excited when I saw your title "Sometimes you just want to draw." That's how I feel sometimes too. I just want to feel the pencil in my hand and/or the pen scratching away at shadows and shapes. Love you picture. It is so expressive. Thanks for sharing you passion.

  10. Well said and beautifully said. Sometimes I just want to look at all of my art supplies too. Especially brushes in a jar. (Honestly...that image is my flickr ID photo...brushes in a jar.)

    Wonderful work again, Dan. Wonderful.

  11. Wonderful drawing. So multi talented!

  12. Oooooo, it's all about the smudge! Yes, yes, yes. I like it.

  13. Dan, a lot of power in this image. Well done!

  14. Dan,
    one can hear within your poetry
    your passion for art and creativity.

    There's a certain excitement/intensity
    in this charcoal sketch-as if the
    brushes can't wait to be put into
    motion again.

    I like the depth in this sketch
    and the reflections on the table.

    Yes, turning off the lights now and then
    can be surprisingly illuminating.


  15. Very poetic. I sometimes feel all those emotions just in a five-minute time span.

  16. Ha! This was great fun, and I appreciate all of your support in my madness! A few thoughts: I sketched this in a crazy rush - and it is funny how many of you picked up a sense of movement in the drawing itself. I had no idea it was there. It is amazing to me how this is conveyed in the art. I'm also glad that so many of you felt that I captured a sense of what you feel sometimes too. This was definitely a hoot - but I promise that I won't wax poetic too often! :) Also, Doug, I wondered if you'd show up! Glad you did!

  17. To my not-too-keen eye the picture seems static. Guess I'm missing something.

    The words are dynamic, though. Don't be afraid of waxing poetic. You might get to like it.


  18. Your entire blog is full of descriptive images related to art making. I enjoyed showing some of the posts to my non artistic husband who has questions about how one decides when to use line, tone and/or hue to establish form. You've articulated and captured your own working thoughts on this topic which explains the issues very well to even people who are unfamiliar with art materials .