Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hi Janey

In my first post, I thanked Janey of Janey's Journey for her inspiration and the kind words that motivated me to start this blog. Now she has not only linked to this blog's humble beginning, but dedicate a post to me and my blog. I had a feeling I would meet wonderful people in blogland - I believe I have begun with the nicest one of all. Thank you Janey!

Some time ago, I was inspired by Janey at her blog to draw a house from the neighborhood that inspired the folk song "Little Boxes". The blog with Janey's drawing of one of the houses is here. The photographs of the neighborhood are here. My effort is below. This was interesting for me because I painted loosely first in watercolor, and then applied soft pastel over it which created a gentle effect.

Janey likes that I draw people in public, so here is a small gift for her (and for you). I noticed that my new blog looked rather dull in black and white and revived a bit with some color. (As every canvas should!) Janey's blog is always full of color and is full of life. So today at lunch I drew my unknowing subject with watercolor pencils, just to see if I could draw that way in the field. Watercolor pencils can be used a few ways. I used the pencils just as I would any color pencil. The idea was to use a brush later this evening to carefully transform the pencil strokes into paint. Of course instead I managed to get the drawing wet with the condensation from the outside of my Diet Coke (the elixir of life). So I began wetting and stroking the drawing - with my finger. A bit imprecise, I'll admit. So any future work with a brush ought to be better, don't you think? So here is my first effort, for her and for you.

Whether you were invited to my blog by Janey, or came to see my first IF entry, or visited because you already know me, welcome! Some of you have left comments - this has been very exciting for me. Thank you. I appreciate your input more than I can say.

And thank you, Janey, once again.

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