Thursday, April 9, 2009

Life and Advertising

Today he was waiting and I was waiting. 'Twas the perfect opportunity for a sketch in my Moleskine. And he hardly moved. Since I had a lot of time, this sketch is a lot more detailed than virtually all of my sketches from life.

Here is a page from my large sketchbook. I wanted to concentrate on hands, but hands alone are boring so I found myself drawing more than just hands. My source for these sketches were advertisements in a magazine, a good source.

Ahhh. So much to draw - so little time. Don't you agree?


  1. i do little time, so much to draw. i'll leave the drawing to you however

  2. Hi Dan. I learned of your blog through Janey's post on EDM. I started a blog about the same time you did,, and wanted to send lots of encouragement your way. You do wonderful work! I do wish I had the courage to draw in public. I find most of my "people" sketches from online photo groups.

  3. Hi, Dan!

    Found your blog through Janey and am so thankful she provided the link. Your work is terrific and I will definitely be checking back in from time to time. Keep up the great drawing!

  4. Thank you, Raena & Danny, for your enthusiasm about my drawing. I had a bit of a rough time last night. I set up acrylic paints, but my son's needs made me have to put them away before I had barely begun my first painting in years! Painting is what I really want to do - bummed me out. So I woke up to your encouraging comments & am ready to keep marching forward.

  5. Hey, nice work Dan! I'm over from the Janey fan club to say hello. You're doin' great!
    Jane on west coast..