Sunday, May 10, 2009

Something Old, Something New (EDM #136)

When I have sketched, I have mostly used either pencil or pen with water-soluble ink. The result has been that I have not been able to combine color with line. The other day I pulled my father's technical pen set out of a drawer. I would guess conservatively that the set is 30 years old. I suspect it is older than that. It is a Castell TG technical pen set, and contains 9 pens with nibs of different sizes - largely unused. How would they work? I bought some Rapidograph waterproof ink for $5 and filled a pen with a size 2.5 nib. The ink flowed very smoothly.

So at my in-law's house I drew a straggly plant in an interesting pot. I was not so careful as I usually am. So what if the drawing were to be a bit skewed? This was just an experiment. Then I brushed on the watercolor. Color and line - something new (for me) - and it worked just fine.

Well, my mother-in-law liked the drawing so much that she wanted to keep it. It became a part of her mother's day gift and this small 4" x 6" drawing is now hanging in her house, warts-and-all, next to the plant itself. So maybe you'll like it too, as imprecise as it is. It also happens to satisfy Everyday Matters challenge #136 - "Draw or paint something that's alive - a living thing - animal or plant." And this plant, though straggly, qualifies as alive.


  1. I'm not surprised she wanted to keep it. It turned out great!

  2. Your MIL has good taste. delightful sketch. Supportive family. Wonderful.

  3. Very interesting discovery and a great way to reuse old great stuff!
    Great job with the drawing by the way, and the colors are just so nice! Thanks for dropping by my blog too :)

  4. Lovely - great experiment and now you paint everything!