Wednesday, May 13, 2009

About Face

At her unique and wonderful blog, Artists Paint Themselves, Deborah Ross states: "Artists spend a lot of time painting other people and places, but what happens when an artist paints him/herself? I thought it would be fun to invite other artists to post their own self portraits."

What a great idea. The blog is wonderful, the paintings are varied and creative. Links are included so you can see other works of artists you like. I'd strongly recommend a visit.

I am especially grateful to Deb for posting my self-portrait today on her blog. I am honored that my effort is included with so many beautiful paintings, and among works by artists far more experienced than myself.

Just so you know, my mother says that I am better looking than my self-portrait shows. Thanks, mom. My brother-in-law takes this a bit further. He says that in the painting I look like a serial killer. That, I suppose, is an apt description of the intense gaze of a guy trying to paint himself in the mirror. Next time, I'll just have to paint my lighter side..


  1. So how come you didn't post it here! lol.
    Everyone has that serial killer stare in self-portraits (unless they're working from photos or lying). Yours is fantastic--and a great watercolor.
    best regards,

  2. oops...I'd popped over from Debra's site, and commented before I'd scrolled down. I see it posted now! :-) I also like your line work, and your "gravitas" in conte sketch. great work.

  3. Thanks so much, Liz. I feel very complimented as I have visited your blog and your portraits are great!