Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Calisthenics in the Park

I try to at least sketch from life a little bit every day. Although some sketches are good and some sketches are horrid, it's okay either way. For me, it's calisthenics. I figure that each time I sketch I am getting just a bit better at observing, or depicting what I observe. I also hope that I am developing "muscle memory", and that my hand just might move the right way next time.

As you have seen if you have followed my blog, a lot of my sketches are done at eating establishments, but sometimes I sketch parked in my car beside a small neighborhood park.

The pencil drawing above and the conte' pencil drawing below were drawn in my Moleskine on different days. [The first meets Everyday Matters Challenge #214 "Draw something representing a favorite hobby" because I love to read.]

I think it is interesting how differently they came out even though the subject matter is similar.

Other quick sketches in my Moleskine at the park include this small sketch in pen (while not quite horrid, this one leaves a bit to be desired):

And this sketch using a watercolor pencil (she left before I could add more detail, but I like it).

All in all, sketching is just another day at the park, don't you think?


  1. "I try to at least sketch from life a little bit every day." Bless you for that. Really. It is no small thing Dan.

  2. Fabulous post Dan! I've been working a bit on that drawing in public thing myself, but I still feel like I need an invisibility cloak to do it! These are great and that last girl had great potential! You've captured her gesture very well!

  3. Owen, thank you for visiting again - you always have unique and wonderful comments that motivate me more than you know.

    Raena, I want an invisibility cloak too. You are getting bolder, and I am getting a bit more shy. The girl that left - I think she may have seen me in the car and grew nervous (even though people park there all the time during their lunch breaks). I may have been the reason she left. Hope not. But I was glad to get the drawing.

  4. The pencil sketches are really loose and soft. You seem to have been using a really soft pencil. I wonder if it was one of those propelling pencils with the huge lead. I have one of those & I really like it.